Carlos Electric Service

Quality and confidence in each installation of Lights, Fans,
new projects, Etc.

About us.
Carlos Electric Service is an electricity service with extensive experience. Offers electrical and electrical installation, upgrade and maintenance services. We strive to satisfy your needs. We are highly qualified and experienced that guarantees good and complete work. They offer quality service at an affordable price, without compromising customer safety. Carlos Electric Service is committed to offering the best and most efficient services for its customers.
Hello, do you need a job or electrical repair in your home or business?.... It will be a pleasure to serve you.l have long experience in changing lights, upgrade Electrical Service,Install Recessed Lights, Install Ceiling Fans, Wire basements.Troubleshoot and Correct any Electrical Problem You May Have, etc.etc.My work is Guaranteed, licensed and insured.I work in; woodbridge, king george, washington, stafford, fredericksburg, culpeper, richmond, charlottesville, etc.My name is Carlos and you can send me a text . 5403889275 for to make an free estimate.It will be a pleasure to answer as soon as possible, .....thanks and God bless.

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Larga experiencia de casi 30 años , por eso no dudamos en hacerle un trabajo de Calidad y Gantizado y con Precios Competitivos.
  • Fredericksburg, Virginia, Estados Unidos